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The Metropolitan Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme Made Clear And Easy

DHS provides coverage to financially and geographically disadvantaged individuals through the MPDSS. Coverage and treatment costs will depend on the type of treatments required. DHS will cover up to 75% of treatment costs with no co-payment required. However, extra services will lead to additional costs.

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Dental Treatments Covered By MPDSS

Preventative Procedures

Routine oral examination and cleaning are part of preventive dental care. Instruction on proper dental hygiene can aid in preventing serious dental diseases.

Tooth Restoration

Dental fillings and root canal therapy are important procedures associated with tooth restoration. Most dental professionals work hard to preserve the natural teeth of their patients.

Tooth Extractions

For your comfort, your dentist will use anesthesia during your procedure. Visible teeth are removed through a simple. A more involved procedure is required for teeth that are broken, below the surface or impacted.

Gum Disease Treatments

It is important to treat gum infection and inflammation to avoid health complications. Treatment may involve a course of antibiotics and the removal of the diseased tissue.