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Unlock Better Oral Health For Your Child

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a government-funded program that helps children obtain basic dental care. For children between the ages of 0-17 enrolled in Medicare, CDBS is available. Family Tax Benefit Part A-eligible families are automatically enrolled in CDBS. CDBS covers all services without out-of-pocket costs. Those with private insurance can also supplement their coverage with CDBS.

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Dental Treatments Covered By CDBS

Preventive Dental Treatments

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are essential for maintaining good oral health. This allows dental practitioners to identify oral concerns and conditions at an early stage. Fissure sealing is also covered by CDBS.

Tooth Replacements

Missing teeth can be filled in with partial dentures if necessary. Being self-conscious of your smile can affect your self-image and how you interact with others. Your dentist may recommend several tooth replacement options to help you regain your confidence.

Restorative Dental Procedures

An extraction, a dental filling, or a root canal are all used to restore severely damaged teeth. In root canals and fillings, the damaged tooth's structure is preserved by removing the damaged area and filling the void with tooth-colored material.

Dental Imaging

In order to determine the health and condition of your teeth, your dentist may ask you to have an x-ray taken. These images help identify possible alignment issues in children. They can also reveal the condition and growth of the patient's jawbones.