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OPG X-rays

An OPG x-ray is a type of panoramic radiograph that captures a wide view of the entire mouth, and it’s used to help dentists identify problems in the jaws and teeth. Orthopantomagram are similar x-rays that capture just the teeth and jaws, and they’re often used to diagnose cavities and other dental problems.

opg x ray
dental lasers

3D Dental Scanner

A 3D dental scanner is a new technology that allows dentists to get a clear picture of your teeth without using traditional x-rays. This means fewer invasive procedures and less discomfort for you. Your dentist can now create digital impressions of your teeth using a simple scanning wand. Not only is this process more comfortable for patients, but it’s also more accurate.

3d scanner
implant motors


In order to perform root canal treatments efficiently, rotary endomotors are used. As a result, they have replaced the traditional root canal procedure, which used dental hand instruments. Using a single endomotor, dental professionals can shape root canals more quickly and accurately.

intraoral and extraoral cameras

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

A combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen is commonly used to manage dental anxiety and pain. During sedation dentistry, it is an odorless and colorless gas. This is especially useful for calming young patients who may be anxious about dental procedures. The rapid onset, general safety, and quick recovery of nitrous oxide make it a popular sedative in dentistry.

nitrous oxide sedation