Dentalcare of Forrestfield

Modern Day Heroes Get Quality Dental Care With DVA

Veterans can receive exceptional dental care from any provider using the DVA Health card. Veterans with White Cards are covered for procedures related to service-related conditions. Those with Veteran Gold Cards are covered for all dental treatments that are medically necessary. DVA-approved dental treatments are fully covered. However, you will need to provide a physician’s certificate as proof of medical necessity.

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Dental Treatments Covered By DVA

Preventive Dental Services

Dental treatments are covered by DVA to improve veterans' oral health by keeping their teeth and mouths healthy. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings, dentures, and cavity treatments are covered by the DVA.

Dental Implant Coverage

DVA Cardholders can receive different types of dental implants based on their needs. Two single tooth implants can be placed every two years for those who lost teeth within the past three years. You can also get dental implants for your upper or lower jaw if you need partial upper or lower jaw dentures.

Tooth Replacement Options

Patients who suffer from missing teeth often opt for dentures as a tooth replacement option. Every two years, you need to reline your dentures. As long as your dentures have not been realigned within the last year or a replacement is recommended sooner, you will be covered by DVA for denture replacement every six years.

Bruxism Treatment

In spite of the fact that bruxism is classified by the DVA as a mental health condition, it can have significant dental implications. Wear, cracks, and broken teeth are all possible results of grinding the teeth for a long period of time. Veterans Health cards vary in their coverage of Bruxism dental treatments.