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Restore Your Lost Crowns and Fillings with High-Quality, Durable Materials to Regain Your Smile

Missing crowns and fillings can be unsightly and worrying. If you’ve lost one and are unsure what to do, it’s important to seek treatment.

Crowns and fillings can fall off for a number of reasons. When this happens, the underlying tooth structure is exposed, which can cause pain, tooth decay, tooth loss, and other problems. To avoid further damage, missing crowns and fillings should be replaced as soon as possible.

Dentalcare of Forrestfield offers services to restore your missing crowns and fillings. Our experienced team of dentists uses cutting-edge technology and techniques so you can get back to your healthy, beautiful smile. Plus, we offer payment options and accept all health funds to make our treatments accessible. So, schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can help.

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Common Causes of Missing Crowns and Fillings

There are many reasons why crowns or fillings can become lost.
The most common include


Over time, tooth decay can recur if good oral hygiene is not maintained. When this happens, it can damage the tooth structure supporting the crown or filling, causing it to fail.

Normal Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, over time, all dental work will eventually need to be replaced because they are subject to wear and tear, just like your natural teeth.

Weakened Tooth Structure

Sometimes, the tooth is already compromised due to dental caries or other causes. This makes the tooth more susceptible to breakage and can cause the crown or filling to fall out.

Bruxism or Teeth-Grinding

This habit can put much stress on your teeth, which increases the rate at which crowns and fillings become loose and need repair.

Biting on Hard Objects or Foods

Biting down on hard objects (such as ice or candy) can cause the crown or filling to become dislodged or break off.

Poor Dental Work

If your crown or filling was not placed correctly in the first place, or if the material used was not of high quality, they may not last as long as they should.

Dental Services that Can Address
Missing Crowns and Fillings

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Dental Crowns

A missing crown can make you feel self-conscious and leave your tooth unprotected and susceptible to further damage.

At Dentalcare of Forrestfield, we offer natural-looking and durable dental crowns to restore your tooth and protect it from harm.

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Dental Fillings

Over time, your fillings may become loose or fall out completely. This can expose your tooth to bacteria once again and lead to decay.

The qualified dentists at our clinic use only high-quality materials for our fillings so that they can last for many years with proper care.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Missing Crowns and Fillings

If you are experiencing the following, you may have lost your dental crown or filling:

  • Noticing that a tooth feels different when you bite down
  • Sharp edges on your tooth
  • Pain or sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Feeling a hole in your tooth
  • A small object in your mouth after eating or biting on hard foods
  • Food often gets caught in the hole where the filling used to be
  • Your tooth appears smaller or looks different

If you want to be certain, schedule a consultation with the friendly dentists at our clinic. They will be able to examine your tooth and provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

You can expect these consequences if you don’t have a missing tooth filling or dental crown replaced:

  • Recurrent tooth decay
  • Increased risk for tooth loss
  • Damage to your natural tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Pain when biting down on the tooth where the crown or filling was
  • Difficulty chewing
  • An unsightly appearance

Here are some tips for managing missing crowns and fillings at home:

  • Contact or see your dentist immediately. They can give you advice and take the appropriate action for your case.
  • If possible, try to retrieve the lost dental crown and bring it with you to the dentist.
  • Avoid chewing on hard, sticky foods.
  • Avoid biting and chewing in the area of the mouth where the dental crown or filling is missing.
  • Continue to brush twice daily and floss regularly, but do this gently and cautiously.

The most recommended way to prevent losing your crowns and fillings is to maintain healthy habits and good oral hygiene. Continue brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once daily. Eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary snacks to prevent tooth decay.

It’s important to visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups. They will be able to monitor the condition of your crowns and fillings. If you notice that you may be grinding your teeth, seek treatment or management to avoid its harmful effects. It is also advised to avoid eating foods that are hard to bite or chew.