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A crown generally refers to a “full” crown, which means it covers the whole tooth. It is a jacket of artificial material which is usually made by a dental technician from an impression of the tooth. A crown is usually done where a tooth is too badly broken down to be restored with filling material. It may also be done when a tooth has a crack, to stop the crack from developing further. Multiple crowns may be needed to build up teeth that are severely worn down from bruxing (grinding at night).  A crown is most commonly made of metal with porcelain fused to it, for aesthetics, or of a gold alloy. Sometimes it is made entirely of ceramic.

It is also possible to do a partial crown, which could be done to conserve tooth structure when the tooth is not as badly broken down.

The choice of material and design of the crown depends on several factors, such as aesthetic requirements, the expected load on the tooth and the amount of tooth structure needing to be replaced.

We deal only with trusted and high quality local laboratories for all our crown and bridge work.

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