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Customised Dental Services for Every Medibank Member

At Dentalcare of ForrestField, we focus on accessible, personalised dental services. Our clinic is available to Medibank members, offering flexible treatment options tailored to their unique dental needs. With a patient-first approach, we deliver high-quality dental services to all.

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Benefits for Medibank Members
at Dentalcare of Forrestfield

Competitive Rates for Medibank Members

We offer competitive pricing for Medibank members, making high-quality dental care both affordable and accessible.

Yearly Dental Check-up Benefits

At Dentalcare of Forrestfield, Medibank members can claim benefits on annual check-ups, subject to their annual limit. We're here to prioritise your dental health.

Extensive Range of Dental Care

From routine examinations to complex dental treatments, we cater to the dental needs of Medibank members.

Individualised Attention and Care

Each Medibank member receives individualised attention from our experienced dental team, promoting a comfortable and positive dental experience.