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Did you know that some major Private Health Fund providers expire at the end of Financial Year?

How does this effect you?

When your private health expires, this means that any left over funds will be lost and reset for the next year.  remaining funds that you have in your cover reset. Meaning you lose any remaining funds without the ability to rollover cover into the next term. Therefore if you haven’t used your Dental Benefits for this financial year, your allowance expires.

It’s a good idea to book in for a dental check up before it expires to see if you need any urgent work done or even just to make sure that everything is in order! Detecting decay or bacteria build up is essential in preventative dental care and oral health. Depending on what type of Extras cover you have, you could could use the leftover funds for any major dental treatments you may need.

Use it or Lose It – End of Financial Year Dental

Use the benefits you pay for and book in for your next treatment or checkup today!
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